Apartment Bathroom Design Ideas

Monday, December 23rd, 2013 - Bathroom

Modern Apartment Bathroom Decoration Luxury Interior Design

Calming and comfortable, traditional decorated bathrooms offer a sophisticated but understated look. Fixtures and furnishings have a classic but enduring appearance. Emphasise distinctive features such as window frames by painting them a lighter or darker tone than the wall colour you have chosen for your bathroom. The bathrooms are probably one of the most enjoyable rooms to decorate in your apartment. While there are a certain amount of practical limitations to decorating your bathroom such as fixtures and the layout, they are generally closed off from the other rooms in the apartment and this gives you a lot of scope to do something a little different.

Decide in advance on the feeling you would like to create. A soothing haven for the soul, peaceful, cool and totally simple with subtle personal touches? Opulent, regal and relaxing? Charming, cool and quirky? Whatever you decide, don’t be afraid to make your bathroom highly individual, while still reflecting your personal home design style.Mix textures (laminates, towels, mats, and plants, for example) with different wall and floor colours. While your bathroom paint needs to be tough, waterproof and easy to clean – don’t confuse practical with clinical. Aim to create a haven of peace and solitude, where you can relax and unwind after an exhausting day.

Modern Apartment Bathroom Design Ideas

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  • Modern Apartment Bathroom Design Ideas
  • Modern Apartment Bathroom Decoration Luxury Interior Design
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